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c. 1850 Schmidt & Maul rosewood guitar

Louis Schmidt and George Maul were employees of the CF Martin Co. in the 1830s and are believed to be the first to leave the company to build guitars on their own.  The instruments that survive bearing the Schmidt & Maul brand bear often striking resemblance to Martins of the period in size, shape and appointment, as this example shows clearly.  This guitar is from a  period in which Martin had firmly established several Spanish design elements into their guitars, and this guitar shows that Schmidt and Maul also followed suit (note the Spanish 'foot' on the base of the neck block inside the guitar).  The guitar is X braced with tone bars and wing braces in similar location to Martins of the period.  The "shark tooth" rosette and 'diamond' back strip are both found on Martins of this same era.  Details of the carving of the heel profile as well as the distinctive Martin style neck shaft-to-headstock joint with its signature long volute also echo Martin aesthetic.  The Schmidt & Maul stamp is located on the back strip inside the guitar and on the neck block.  The tuners are brass plate Jeromes with 'pinwheel' engraving around the mounting screw holes, same as was found on many Martins of the pre-civil war era.  A beautifully made guitar, this guitar has been meticulously kept over the years and is in entirely original condition including the case.  Save but for a few repaired hairline back cracks this guitar is in exceptionally clean shape.  There are two labels inside the guitar that are not original that attest to the identity of the original and second owner, though there is no way to determine the reliability of this information.  Inside the case is an old image identified as the original owner of the guitar.